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Our Company.

We are a small technology company, with our head Office in Auckland New Zealand, that is focused on providing innovative Test & Measurement and Data Acquisitions solutions. We like to work closely with our Clients and our Suppliers to provide appropriate solutions to solve Test & Measurement and Data Acquisition challenges.

Bed of Nails

We are not constrained or tied to particular market sectors, so if you have a particular product test or data acquisition issue we can probably help. We are also National Instruments Alliance Partners and have access to to the Global Alliance Partner Network who may already have developed a Data Acquisition Solution that can be easily adapted to meet your requirements.

Over the years and many projects we have developed robust design systems that can be used manage small to large projects. These systems have been certified to ISO 9001:2015.


CPE Systems NZ Ltd are specialists in providing Test & Measurement and Data Acquistions Services. We have experience and capabilities in development of the following;

Our Team has a broad range of experience across a range of applications and industries. This means we can bring a new perspective to Testing and Data Acquisition challenges.

full PXI based Test Rack User Interface for SMDAS System 3D Cad Capability for fixture design
Inside Bed of Nails fixture Custom Relay Board for a Test Fixture Rugged Data Acquisition Computer


In addition to custom design of Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) and Data Acquisition Systems, we have developed a range of Hardware and Software Products/Components that can be used by you if you decide to design and build your own systems In-House.

Normally we use Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) components where these are available, however sometimes what we require is either not available or is not to a suitable standard. In these cases we have develop our own components (Software and/or Hardware) and some of these you can now purchase directly from us.

The products we offer include

Products that are available or are soon to be available are listed on CPE Systems Product Page. This page will be updated regularly as we release new products.

Partners, Alliances & Certifications.

We have a global network of Partners and Alliances that we use to complement our capabilities and enable us to provide comprehensive Turn-Key Solutions.

All products and services provided by Partners can be sourced directly from CPE, and we can provide local support and expertise on the use and application of these products and services.

National Instruments Silver Alliance Partner

NI (National Instruments) equips engineers and scientists with tools that accelerate productivity, innovation, and discovery to meet not only grand but also daily engineering challenges in an increasingly complex world. A graphical system design approach leverages productive software and reconfigurable hardware platforms, along with a vast community of IP and applications, to simplify system development and arrive at solutions faster. CPE is the only NI Alliance Partner in New Zealand.

Goepel Electronics Centre of Expertise

Goepel Electronics is a leading provider of innovative test and inspection solutions for printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) and electronic devices and system. They provide innovative JTAG/Boundary Scan hardware and software test solutions. CPE have been selected as a GATE Centre of Expertise for Goepel products in the Australasian area.


Equip-Test is a European Company that designs and manufactures high quality Test Fixture Hardware and components

  • Test Pins and Receptacles
  • LED Probes
  • Test Fixtures
  • Test Systems
  • Interface Solutions

CPE has established a relationship with Equip-Test to supply and support their components and hardware in the New Zealand and Australian Markets


Semco Machine Corporation design and manufacture a range of high quality robust Test Fixture solutions. CPE have a large amount of design experience using the CAM/TRAC and CAM/GATE for achieving custom ICT and Functional Test Fixtures using a range of Test Rack, Interface and Receiver solutions.

Senztek NZ

Senztek NZ is a product design, development, and manufacturing operation. Senztek has 28 years’ experience in manufacturing control technology, bespoke electronic design and industrial automation products with a modern manufacturing facility with processes certified to ISO9001:2015. Senztek works with established industrial automation instrumentation companies, also established hot water systems providers as well as start-up entrepreneurial individuals


CPE Systems has developed is Project Management and technical development processes over a number of years and hundreds of projects. These processes have been certified to ISO9001:2015 by Telarc. CPE Systems NZ ISO9001:2015 Certificate can be viewed here.


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Here is some useful information if you would like to get hold of us.

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Head Office
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New Zealand


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